Advanced editing and Moodle course development made easy.

HubblTM lets you turn plain text into content that is media rich, interactive, animated and beautiful.
These Moodle components add the structural and design edge your Moodle courses have been lacking!

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About Hubbl

The Hubbl components are additional Atto editor plugins developed by iLite for Moodle.

These plugins allow you to add rich interactive elements to your Moodle content. This is done by selecting the component from the menu bar and adding it to the editing area. No coding skills required - we do the work for you.

Using Atto Moodle plugins (for the tech-heads out there), these additional editing icons
allow you to insert pre-built interactions such as hot spots, animations, timed transitions,
accordions, responsive design layouts, tabs, flip cards, graphical banners and more.

When your course is ready using the Hubbl sandpit site, you can import it directly into
your organisation's Moodle site. |


Ease of use

Ease of use

Create interactive, rich animated content straight into your Moodle course.



Create interactive content such as Accordions and Tabs at the click of a button.



Use easy to configure custom animations within your Moodle page.



Hubbl has a dedicated team of developers maintaining and creating new components.

Latest Moodle version

Latest Moodle version

Hubbl works in all Moodle versions from Moodle 2.7 onwards.

Bootstrap 3


All code generated by the Hubbl plugins is fully compliant with Bootstrap 3.




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Ideal for a new user wishing to discover Hubbl.

Explore the Hubbl components, build and export the course to your own Moodle server.

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Ideal for an organization wishing to have full control over their content hosted on their own dedicated server.
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